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Rekindling Creativity Through Sculpture with @skl0_

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“My earlier work was mostly based on self-taught design and street installations with wheat paste and stencils,” explains Singapore artist Sam Lo (@skl0_), whose photos showcase the diversity of her creative interests. “But lately I have fallen in love with sculpting, tattoos, watercolor and the aerosol can all over again.”

“My love for sculpting started just a little under a year ago,” she says. “I hit a creative drought and was looking for a medium I could really connect to as an artist.” Sculpting has exposed Sam to new sources of inspiration—like the world of designer toys—but has also come with another benefit: “I find the whole process really meditative.”


Camille Kachani

With a background in photography, painting, economics, and history, Camille Kachani has a diverse artistic practice that spans a range of mediums. His projects are united by a common sense of ironic humor and an engagement with everyday life or the artist’s personal experiences. Kachani’s series, “Tomorrow Was Another Day,” (begun 2012) was based on his experience of Lebanon during its Civil War in the 1970s. Other works include a series of imaginary consumer products, false traffic signs installed in public spaces, and “Programa de Desobediência Civil” (2005), for which Kachani made variations on the U.S. dollar bill, featuring different cultural icons.


Dreamy Ark-Like Whales Carry Entire Worlds on Their Backs

For millennia, cultures around the world have celebrated the origin myth of of a giant animal—such as a turtle or elephant—supporting the world on its back. Beijing-based artist Ruilin Wang reinterprets that image in DREAMS-ark, an evocative series of sculptures that depict whales carrying entire landscapes on their backs.